Doggie Daycare

Mon – Wed – Fri
8 am to 4:30 pm


Your dog will be taken for long runs 2 to 3 times a day in one of our 2 large, fully fenced fields (10 and 4 acres), and for daily hikes.(included in price)

We have separate kennels for each dog for quiet times between playing and hiking .

$25.00 +GST per day

If you would like your pet to be considered for one of our available spots,
please contact us at 250-882-4132 or


In-House Training



In house training requires that you drop your dog off for the day at our facility, or that your dog is already staying with us in our Doggie Daycare. We will give small sessions of training to your dog throughout the day. This accelerated rate of learning produces great results in a short amount of time. At the end of each day we will transfer the skills learned to the owner. The rate of learning in this intense process is amazing! All this occurs while you are busy doing other things or going to work. Availability is limited so book ahead.

Herding: We will start young dogs on stock or hone up the skills of novice or advanced dogs. $50.00+GST 50 min session

Agility: We will give agility foundation to your dog, work on directional cues, improve your dog’s jumping skills, work on obstacle discrimination, or simply reinforce what you are already learning in your agility lessons to speed up the process. $60.00 +GST per hour

Obedience: In house training in obedience is an extremely fast way to get your puppy or dog to a high skill level.  We will socialize puppies with our own dogs to ensure they develop good social skills, which are so important in a healthy, well-adjusted dog.  We require your dog to be left a full day, at least 8 times a month.  Our system is designed to maximize learning time for your young dog by providing multiple short sessions each day. $100.00 +GST when purchasing 3 full days