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Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience (Level 2)

Prerequisite: Basic Obedience

1 hour per week for 6 weeks
Class starts: September 9, 7:15-8:15 pm
Cost: $210.00, tax included 
7407 Wallace Drive

Recall with distractions, advanced healing on and off leash, holding down with high distractions (other dogs chasing balls and toys, recalling away from playing dogs). Commands on the move, i.e. taking a down command while in motion (chasing another dog or chasing a toy).

We offer private and small group classes in obedience for dogs of all ages. We will give you the tools that you will need in order to train your puppy or dog to be a well behaved, responsive and well socialized member of your household. Our training philosophy is all positive reinforcement

For all classes you will need to bring a dog crate, flat, buckle up collar (no choke chains), halti/gentle leader (we will show you how to train it), chair, high value treats (cheese, meat, no kibble/dry treats), a hungry dog (please do not feed your pup/dog before coming to class), 6 foot leash, your dog’s favourite toy/tuggy, note book and pencil.

Contact us for more information at 250-882-4132 or or fill out the enrolment form below and someone from our staff will be in touch shortly.


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